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Shoes for Industry

...were a post punk band formed in bristol in 1979. The band released a 7" and participated in e(gg)clectic compilation. In 1980 released the lp "talk like a whelk".
..."They used to play a dodgy pub called The Old Castle Green and the singer wore an exploding brain wig. They were dead scary and you couldn't argue with them." (from Bristol archive records) A record for all the fans of bristol's post punk scene. The Lp recorded on the Ronnie Lane at the Crystal Theatre Warehouse, Bristol and released by Fried egg records (Fry 1). All words by Basset Davies.
Line up, Basset Davies: vocals, saxophone, John Schofield: drums,syndrum, Andy Boot: guitar, Tim Norfolk: guitar, Steve Lonnen: bass, Lazlo: keyboards, violin

Shoes for Industry - talk like a whelk Lp

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