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The Instant Automatons

...were a uk post punk band from early 80s and one of the pioneers of the cassette culture. "The Instant Automatons flourished between 1977 and 1982. Founded by Mark Automaton (Mark Lancaster) and Protag (Martin Neish), they later added Mic Woods to the line-up. Their guiding principle was that artistic expression should be free from the bonds of profit and big business. In a bid to take control of the means of production of their music, they embraced the growing cassette culture in the early 80s, and inspired many others to do the same." (Wikipedia)
Read A Brief History of the Instant Automatons and visit The Instant Automatons official site. Instant Automatons cds, not so deep as a well and archaeology are available for free download in their official site, here. (and wait for more...)