Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece


About Enviromental Disaster in Greece

repost from athens indymedia

Not even a month has passed since the day that flames were left to destroy Parnitha's natural forest. Death during this time has been named ash... and "construction".
Hundreds of forest ectars and animals were burned... But the casino was saved!!! still imposing at the top, and expanding... to give profit to the state and the gamblers and some food for the few hungry deers left.

Garbageway driving to the casino, is a sample of the profit and tourist growth, the state is trying to force. A culture" that for decades now, "coexists in harmony" with nature!!! according to the very president of the Natunal Park - Mont Parnes".

As for the question on who is responsible for this crime, in this case, as in any similar case, it is no-one apart from the system of the state and the capitalist organisation of the society, where all the political and economical authorities attack the humanity and the natural environment, destroying and luting, in an effort to maximize profiteering and social control. We are as guilty, for the destruction and luting which leave behind a burnt ground (both literally and metaphorically) in the society and the nature, as long as we bend in apathy just watching.

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