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Royal Family And The Poor

late 70s noisy post punk band. Their music was a mix of noise improvisation/post punk and situationist politics. A review of NME for their concert at the Moonlight Club in London "The Royal Family know nothing about music, but probably read a lot of books. Their performance was apparently improvised. They were better than Crawling Chaos who came after them, because their set was shorter. The singer wore a long black overcoat and shaggy hair. He has adopted the mantle of Prince Brian. Brian's forte is declaiming 'provocative' sentences, usually with his back to a grateful audience... He vouchsafed that "All politics is fascism" and went well beyond his level of competence in claiming that "Every man and woman is a star." Royal Family And The Poor biography.

Royal Family And The Poor - Art/Dream/Dominion
+their tracks from Factory Quartet album

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