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80s greek punk scene - a small presentation

The greek punk scene was born in early 80's by some bands like TVC, Ausvits, Soldiers of Fortune, Stress, Birthward, Genia tou Chaous (Chaos Generation) etc. Things were
hard these days: punks had to face the common problems well known to all punks abroad: police brutality, the "normal" people's superstition, drug addiction, no places for gigs, no information about the world wide scene. The scene was mainly in the cities of Athens, Thesaloniki and Patra. A few pop & rock magazines were the sources of what’s happening abroad.

Genia tou Chaous is maybe the most important band of 80's: they formed in 1982 as Antikoultoura (Anticulture). They released a split tape with Adiexodo in 1983 on Art Nouveau Productions and two lp's (s/t,1986 and Rekviem (Requiem,1989),both records released on Dikaioma Diavasis Records (Right Of Passage Records): strong political antiauthoritarian lyrics, straight punk in the s/t lp, metal influenced aggressive punk in Rekviem. Thodoris Iliakopoulos was the lyricist, composer, vocalist and drummer of the band in 1996 Wipe Out Records released both lp's as 2lp/cd, there is also a rehearsal tape from 1984(?) and some live recordings in Agrinio with Adiexodo.

Adiexodo(Deadend) was another great band: they formed in 1983 as a trio band when two of the members were under 18 years old! After many member changes, they released the "38 hiliosta" (38mm) lp in 1984 on Enigma Records and the split tape with Genia tou Chaous. Dark lyrics, aggressive vocals and raw punk sound. Members of the band joined later Spyridoula (indie rock), Deus ex Machina (indie punk) and Ihoglykaimia, No Logo and Lefki Symphonia (White symphony - dark wave in the early days, indie rock later)

Ex Humans formed in 1984 and released the "Useless Surviaval" lp(Enigma Records). Raw punk music, socio-political lyrics and aggresiveness. This was their only release.

In 1984 "Diataraxi Koinis Isyhias"(Disturbance of common Peace - Enigma Records) was released: it was the legendary compilation lp including Adiexodo, Ex-Humans, Panx Romana, Grover and Genia tou Chaous. It was a landmark of greek punk scene including the best stuff of it. The record suffers from the usual problem of raw sound but the aggressiveness and power of songs solves the problem.

Stress formed in 1981 and played fast paced punk: they self-released "o ihos tis anasfalias I" (the sound of insecurity) in 1985 (re-issued in 1987 on Wipe Out) and "o ihos tis anasfalias II" (1992,Wipe Out)a post-mortem release, which contains previously unreleased demo & live material and the previously censored track Genoktonia (Genocide)

Birthward formed in 1982,they had released one 7" back in early 80's and after a long time hiatus they formed back in 90's. They played twice in Radio Utopia's fest and self released in 1999 the "infected life" cd, (NYHC ala Agnostic Front, Madball etc)

Panx Romana formed in 1982 from ex-members of such bands as Stress, TVC, and Video Games. The band was active in playing solidarity gigs or in squats, they released their first record "Paidia sta opla" (kids in arms) on Wipe Out in 1987).

panx romana video 1
panx romana video 2
panx romana video 3

Naftia (Nausea) was a crust band with male/female vocals and woman beating the drums. Probably the best crust band in Greece, they released two demo tapes (1988 and 1989), one lp(Eupopean reinenssane,1992,self-released) and a split lp w/ Grau Zellen from Germany(1994, Skuld Releases). One year later the Naftia side was released as one band lp. They had a tour in Europe (where a bootleg “Live in Oslo, 1993” was recorded). Naftia had a unique sound and style and they remind no other band. The male/female vocals make the songs unique. Sonia (drums) later joined Stateless in the Universe.

Viomihaniki Aftoktonia (Industrial Suicide) played crust and recorded their first demo in 1987. They recorded 3 demo tapes. Brutal vocals and noisy crust guitars.

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