Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece



2 anarchists still on hunger strike.
Hunger strikers:

Tarassio Zantarozni (70 days - since 29/11/2006)
Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos (54 days - since 15/12/2006)

Tarasios Zadorozni, an anarchist immigrant from Ukraine, began a hunger strike on November 29th and Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos, the other detainee, began a hunger strike on December 15th. Due to serious health problems, they have been moved initially to the prison hospital (middle December) and finally to Nikaea General Hospital (early January).Health Update:They both suffer of orthostatic hypotension; Zadarozni has lost 15 kg, already has got a muscular atrophy and bradycardia while Kyriakopoulos (who began the hunger strike already missing one kidney and his spleen, from previous injury) has lost 5kg, has nose bleeds and is showing signs of gallbladder dysfunction due to the fasting.

On Monday Feb. 5 2007, eight persons went on a hunger strike in solidarity to Tarassios Zadorozni and Yerassimos Kyriakopoulos, two of the three may 6 detainees who are also on a hunger strike. Among the eight solidarians is also Yerassimos' mother.

The may 6 detainees are three persons (Tarassios Zadorozni, Yerassimos Kyriakopoulos and Kostas Katsadouras) accused of participating in the riots that errupted during the social forum march in Athens.

For more info on the may 6 detainees, see also: athens indymedia english version

About 2.000 people marched in solidarity to the 2 hunger strikers. Solidarity is our weapon. State is the only terrorist