Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece


The two anarchist hunger strikers are being released. Solidarity is our weapon

After 70 days of hunger strike, for being detained awaiting trial

All three detainees, arrested after the European Social Forum demonstration, on the 6th of May 2006, are being released after a decision by the Jurys' Council. They will be free under restrictions, still awaiting trial, to prove their innocence, as they claim.

Two out of the three detainees have been on a hunger strike since December, protesting against their 8-month imprisonment, which had been based on some obscure testimonies by policemen. Since Tarassio Zandarozni, has been on a hunger for 70 days and Yerassimos Kyriakopoulos for 54 days, they are in hospital as they have already had severe disturbance on their health .

Their official release is expected to be tomorrow early in the morning, after the decision is officially recorded. The two hunger strikers will gradually come back their nutrition and will stay in hospital until they recover. Health update for the detained hunger strikers here. Detailed feature
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