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Pink Military

Pink Military was a post punk band from Liverpool, formed in 1978, feat: Jayne Casey (ex big in japan), Martin Dempsey (ex Yachts later of It's Immaterial), Nicky Cool, Charlie Gruff Griffiths (ex Next, later of Wah! Heat), Chris Joyce (later Simply Red), Neil Innes. Released the singles: Blood & Lipstick (1979), Did You See Her (1980), Buddha Waking Disney Sleeping (7" EP). An LP the same year "Do Animals Believe in God". Read more info and complete discography here. Download from The Perfumed Garden the Peel Sessions of Pink Military. Or download their complete discography from their official site here (Waste of time to upload them but i thought were offline. It doesn't matter. I keep the download links here if there is any problem with the downloads there)

The server (quicksharing) deleted the files but all the files as you may already read are online to download them from the official site of pink military