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New Clashes with Riot Police at Corfu, Greece

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Massive clashes erupted outside the -under construction- illegal garbage disposal center at Lefkimmi, a village in southern Corfu, once the construction company (DOMOKAT) is now trespassing land they haven't yet expropriated and paid. Some hundreds of local residents gathered in order to reclaim the area from the police forces and block the works. The cops attacked them using excessive tear gas and rubber bullets, they even sent the police chief injured to the hospital, once he wasn't in his uniform and wasn't recognised! Another three cops were injured during the clashes. Three arrestees were tortured by the policemen and face charges.

The residents mobilization came from a popular assembly, one day before, that took place in Lefkimmi's high-school yard, also suggesting the following actions:
A whole island-wide demonstration on June 27 together with trade unions, environmental associations and others, lead by the struggle co-ordination committee.
A demonstration in Corfu city blockading the airport symbolically for two busy hours.
A sit-in at the entrance of the ring road to Missorachia and the promotion of the issue of a total management of solid wastes throughout the prefecture.