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Prapopoulou squat burned in arson attack!

from athens indymedia

During the night of 24-25/3/2008, Prapopoulou Squat at Halandri, Athens was firebombed. Neighbours claim they saw three men running out of the building right before the explosion that wrecked large part of the building, the roof and the library (photos)  

Prapopoulou squat is managed by an open assembly, active in neighbourhood and environmental issues (for example, the protection of a local stream against privatization and constructions, activities against the sprawl arsons in Parnitha mountain, Athens etc). Visit their blog here.

This arson follows a series of similar attacks against self-managed infoshops in Athens and the rest of the country. Just a few examples:

24/12/2007: Second arson with an identical device containing mothball and bullets at Thersitis self-managed infoshop.

25/12/2007: Unknown persons broke in the offices of 4 base-syndicates, didn't steal anything, but messed stuff up.

1/1/2008: Unknown persons hurl a molotov coctail against Ypogeios at Kallidromiou social center

4/1/2008: Arson at the"Prokat" Southern Suburbs Residents Initiative self-managed infoshop.

Meanwhile, in the previous months, another two squats ("Salamandra" in Patissia and "Millerou and Germanikou"  in Kerameikos were evicted by the police.

All these action, while evidence came to light proving the police's "special attention" (investigations and surveillance) on self-managed infoshops (photos of the police reports) as well as the cooperation between nazi groups (that tend to undertake actions against infoshops and activists) and the official police (when they 're not the exact same persons, as in the case of this officer right here). Here, one can see for example the photos of cops and nazis fooling around and working together (during the February 2 antifascist riots in Athens). Finally, here is a document on nazi group leaders funding by the greek government.