Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece


ok what's next ?

This blog will not be (music) updated any more. As i said in previous posts and comments i do not have a lot of free time to spent any more 'cause of my work.
Thanks all the bloggers and all the people who helped me for a whole year...also the users of various sites and forums.
The general idea of this blog was not only to share some music which i liked, but also to break the fake borders between music and politics just like a lot of bands from post punk and anarchopunk scene did before.
From time to time i will post here some political news from my country (Greece).
You can still download music from this blog but do not ask me to upload something or to reupload a broken download link. The majority of the files uploaded to 4shared, divshare, and mediafire. I will logged in to all these sites at least once a month to keep the files online.
ok and these are some of the blogs i created or i am co-admin...

If you want check them...

ότι υπάρχει αξίζει να καταστραφεί
and it means...
everything that exists must be destroyed. (my political blog in greek language)

'80s greek post punk / new wave
This blog is dedicated to '80s greek post punk / new wave scene. It is a small effort to make the scene more known outside greece. (In english language).
There is also a myspace page to advertise the blog

and check also this blog...
Το ρεπό - blog εργαζομένων στο εμπόριο
which means...
"day-off, a blog of workers in commercial stores."
and no this is not my blog.This is the blog of a libertarian workers group in commercial stores and super markets where i participate, which fights for worker's resistance and revolutionary syndicalism.
Yes you can all be an agent of the revolution in your place of employment... :)

See you on the barricades