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Slight Seconds

Slight Seconds began as a schoolboy band called the Elite, inspired by near-neighbors the Buzzcocks. The Elite joined the Manchester Musicians Collective and shed their singer to became Slight Seconds, with guitarist Kevin Eden taking over vocals, Peter Hibbert still on drums and adding Mike Shaw on bass. They never had a single but did the DIY-thing proud by depositing fifteen months' worth of recordings onto a three-way split LP called The Waiting Room, on the Spherical Objects' Object Music label. "Where Were You" is from June 1978: two other cuts appeared on A Manchester Collection. They called it quits after drummer Pete Hibbert's 1980 suicide. Leader Kevin Eden went on to another Object band called 41 Degrees, and as an author he's written Wire: Everybody Loves a History (1991) and is co-writing a Brian Eno biography with Sid Smith
(infos from hyped 2 death)

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Slight Seconds - discography
(the folder contains the tracks from the waiting room v/a Lp plus the tracks from the Manchester Collection)

Download links deleted by request from kevin eden. Please read the comment. Thank you all and of course "slight seconds" for their music. I really like this band.

[ as you maybe already noticed my posts are not so often any more. Unfortunately i haven't a lot of time 'cause of my work... by the way we were on General Strike some days ago, against government plans to overhaul the pension system. We were thousands at the streets and we have a small victory. The prime minister kicked out of the government, the minister who was responsible for the reform. Οk who's next? Μaybe the whole government :) ]