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Twelve Cubic Feet

After Exhibit A and a handful of interim projects Paul Platypus, Andrew and Matthew joined Fred, Sally and Glenna to form12 Cubic Feet, who recorded the second 10" LP on Name-drop Records –with "Evercare". After this and a cassette they fell in with Alan McGee's Creation / Communication Club crowd, and met Dave Evans [Biff Bang Pow] who replaced Matthew on bass. The late Duncan Jack [What is Oil?] replaced Glenna on guitar, Dave Morgan [Take It, The Loft+++] came in on drums... and 12CF cut a final Joe Foster-produced demo. Plans for a new band foundered, and Paul checked into a commune (temporarily); Fred went to university, Dave M got famous, Dave E became a roadie for Jesus & Mary Chain, Shop Assistants and later, Belly; Sally sang in Khmer Rouge, and Matthew and Dan formed
Solid Space... Got that? (info from hyped2death)

Twelve Cubic Feet - 10" mini lp (one track missing)

Twelve Cubic Feet - demo tape

Twelve Cubic Feet - squares on sunday tape

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