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Tiny Town

Tiny Town begans as an Australian band from Brisbane called the Supports. In 1978 drummer Geoffrey Titley moved to London and joined the LP-era Desperate Bicycles, then did the wonderful Lusty Ghosts (Refill #8!) with Danny Wigley from the 'Bicycles and Dennis Burns (ATV, Good Missionaries, Reflections). The Supports split, Peter Loveday (vox/guitar) formed Birds of Tin, and then he and Lee Bradshaw (keyboards/vocals) joined forces again in Antic Frantic and Tiny Town. Transplanted to London, they and Caroline Bush [violin] recovered Titley and bassist Cameron Allan from the Lusty Ghosts and released Tiny Town's "Back to the Bow" flexi and their handsomely silkscreened 45 with "Know Better." There's an earlier cassette, another single, a 12" and a 1985 LP Little Tin God. (from hyped2death)
Ripped some years ago for slsk community

Tiny Town - little tin god
(a record for Go Between's fans and not only)

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