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The Higsons

Post-punk outfit Higsons formed in 1980 at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England so named in honor of frontman Charlie "Switch" Higson, the roster also included guitarists Terry Edwards and Stuart McGeachin, bassist Colin Williams and drummer Simon Charterson. Honing an energetic, funk influenced approach clearly indebted to the Talking Heads, the group issued its debut single "I Don't Want to Live With Monkeys" on the Romans in Britain label in 1981 later that same year, Higsons formed their own label, Waap, to issue the not coincidentally titled "It Goes Waap." After resurfacing in 1982 with "Conspiracy," the band signed to the famed Two Tone label for "Tear the Whole Thing Down," followed in 1983 by "Run Me Down." Higsons briefly returned to Waap for "Push Out the Boat" before signing to Upright for 1984's "Music to Watch Girls By," the debut single from their first-ever LP, Curse of the Higsons.(allmusic)
Ripped from vinyl some years ago for slsk community

The Higsons - the curse of higsons

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