Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece



...formed in mid 80s. Their name i think means "idiot". The pioneers of hungarian punk scene. Later they followed a similar course like The Ex and Dog Faced Hermans. With the last ones i think they had given some common concerts.A left wing political band as i remember from an interview they gave for a fanzine. And with their own words from their official site...
"The band was formed in 1985 and started making records and touring in 1989. Since then we played hundreds of gigs in Hungary and abroad.Trottel never did two similar albums. We like to play various stuff, using our imagination and creating different ambiences. We are changing and hopefuly progressing and so does our music. Since we make records the media and the public described us in many ways and we understood thank to them that TROTTEL is an EXPERIMENTALJAZZPUNKPSYCHEDELICUNDERGROUNDETNOCORE band combining music from THE 6O's, 7O's, 8O's and 9O's 'labyrinthian, complex but at the same time understandable, human example of music'
You can download their 80s disography (Trottel Archiv 86-88 cassette and Borderline Syndroma LP released in 1989)

download here folder 1
download here folder 2