Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece



(yes finally i found it...) They formed in 1982 in athens, Greece. One of the darkest band of the greek post punk scene . Later at the band participated the bassist of Headleaders (and also member of Rehearsed Dreams). They made a lot of appearances along with Headleaders and Villa 21. They were the first group that signed at the legendary Creep Records. Between 1982 and 1983 they released the 7" "Shoot The Truth" with three tracks and a mini lp titled "Funtime". In 1984 released the lp "Hello Hell" again from Creep Records, and in ' 86 the lp ΧΙΙ-13 from Smash Records. (The other greek post punk label which released only 3 Lp's). Unfortunately the singer / guitarist Fill Scars died in early 90's from drugs overdose. Here their first 7" and their last Lp. Sorry no tracklist for the lp.

download here - ΧΙΙ 13 Lp 48 mb -
download here - shoot the truth 7" 19 mb -