Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece


Police pogrom and random arrests in Thessaloniki. Student facing multiple felony charges from nothing.

In the early hours of Saturday, Thessaloniki police set a pogrom in the streets all around the university campus, where some riots had occured. They randomly arrested 15 people, who were just out of party in the University. Currently, three people are held, including a first-year student. He had been one of the 49 ones arrested and found innocent on accusations about riots in the student demonstration in Athens (8th March).
It has been reported that the first-year chemical engineering student is being accused for five minor offences and two felonies. He will be brought before the Public Prosecutor on Monday, and he will be kept in close confinement till then.

As usual, mass media aided the police by implying that the student is guilty, also by accusing him for accusations that he has been found innocent for. (athens indymedia)

Announcement of the Student Unions of Thessaloniki