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Man's Hate

"Man's Hate was the vehicle of protest for one Andi-Xport between 1984 and 1990 (or there abouts!), The music was mainly distributed by mail on the then massive underground network of bands and artists predating the internet, Man's hate featured on many compilation albums from cassette to vinyl and released Five albums in total from which some of these tracks on "Looking back at anger" are taken, Also featured are previously unreleased material. Often described as "Steam driven protest punk" Man's Hate sang about subjects most bands would keep well clear of. With a passion and verve "Looking back at anger" recaptures the essence of Man's Hate and fires it unceremoniously into 2005 and beyond." Visit man's hate myspace and download "Love Me" (C60 cassette album) and a 30 track Retrospective Album 1984-1990