Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece


Smash Racism

West Athens,Greece - Past Sunday an Albanian immigrant was found dead at his cell in a police department while being kept under suspicion for some minor thefts.The police said that he committed suicide by hanging himself in the cell. His relatives gathered late that night outside the police station shouting and coursing the cops for his murder.

Being an immigrant and especially an Albanian in Greece means that you become target to a racism vastly spread among all the aspects of life and socializing, from your work where you are being fully exploited to your whole life in the Greek society.His story is just another part of the chain of exploitation and racism on immigrants,or it isn't?

Some 300 anarchists marched today(20/4/2007)and smashed the police department , while confronting with the riot police expressing their anger and their will to not accept for longer this barbarity which is an attack towards humanity and society. Marching with confidence, fully aware of their goals and well organized they managed to make the attack without having serious injuries or arrests.

The march began from a central square in that part of Athens (a really poor area of the working class) , passed through the neighborhood of his family, so as to express their solidarity and the went straight ahead to the police station followed by riot policemen. There they began throwing paints and stones (loads of them) at the police station and the police attacked back with gasses back didn't manage to break the bloc which was very united. The people marched back to the square shouting at top of their lungs that these crimes shall not remain unpunished. (athens indymedia)