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The Ex

The Ex a band from the dutch squat scene. "After their start in 1979 The Ex developed over the years into a melting-pot of divergent musical styles: noise, rock, jazz, improvisation, and ethnic music have been interweaved under one unique umbrella: ‘Ex-music’. Discordant, highly rhythmic guitars and the rolling, almost African drumming style give the music of The Ex its special character. Now, is it punk, is it rock, is it jazz, is it dance... is it sloggabrogg? Or whatchamacallit? Maybe it’s some kind of experimental trance-dance avant-punky improv... Anyway, anyhow,The Ex is an autonomous band, living in the here and now." more info
You can download their 1st lp (Disturbing Domestic Peace) from Maikoholic and also the video below with this download tool

The Ex
download here - history is what's happening -
download here - Gonna Rob The Spermbank -