Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece


Students demonstration brutally attacked by riot police (1/3/07)

Thousands of students and people at the streets to defend the state monopoly on the Universities in Athens.
* Attacks by members of the right wing party and neo fascists against the occupate university departments
* Gunfire from a special guard of greek police in air at the demonstration
* Arrests and tear gas


see the video from the demonstration (the gunshot and the attack of riot police with tear gas outside the parliament here)

On March 1st, 2007 during a student demo in Athens, Greece against the government's education reform bill a policeman guarding the Ministry of the Aegean Sea started firing shots in the air against passing students. He later argued that he was in self-defense by attacking students with petrol bombs and because of that several students were arrested and beaten up by the riot police at the spot while they smoked the whole place in tear & asphyxiating gas. This video proves the lies of the police guard, the police and the goverment, while it shows that he was well inside and later moved behind the front door, which was locked that no one tried to force it open and begun firing shots while no attack with petrol bombs is taking place, just 2 students smashing some small window glasses at the other side of the building. It was only as a response to his shootings that the students then attacked the Ministry with paint and plastic bottles of water.