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Hit Parade

An anarcho synth punk (or anarcho electro) band of mid 80's from ireland.
Review for bad news ep from
(crass records): This record exposes the tyranny of the British Government's attacks on Northern Ireland. Borrowing from Outta Control:Paper of the Belfast Anarchists, the record sleeve/poster details the atrocities of prisons in which "political criminals" are locked up for speaking out against the unjust, violent sectarian state which has long ignored outcries from its inhabitants. The sleeve / poster pictures those who died in peaceful demonstrations and hunger strikes, specifically, the "H Block" hunger strike. "Britains role in Northern Ireland, both on the streets and in legislative methods is clearly repressive and designed to keep in check a rebellious section of the population...which seeks to take control of and responsibility for its own future. As long as populations are unable to take a united stand against all forms of oppression, they will remain subservient to it

Hit Parade
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