Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece


Greece: Ongoing repression against students, but the struggle continues!

Arrestee Solidarity actions are once again attacked by the police

Monday 12th of March: this is what democracy looks like The trial of the 49 arrestees facing minor charges has been postponed until next Wednesday, 21st of March in order for them to receive all legal documents and prepare their defence with their lawyers.

From the remaining nine arrestees, eight have been released on strict bail conditions (reporting to a police department three times a month and a 5,000 euros deposit!) while another one, V.S., a builder, has been detained.

Parents clashed with the police outside court building 7, were those with the minor charges are facing trial. The conflict broke out when some parents tried to enter the building and were pushed back by the cops. The conflict quickly spread and the cops began their assault. They pepper-sprayed some parents on the face; one parent fainted and another one was taken to hospital.

Photos posted on Indymedia show a cop hitting, by holding his baton the way round, which is strictly prohibited. Most mainstream media outlets across the country reposted this photo without giving indymedia any credit.

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