Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece


Greece: Massive demonstrations of the entire student community

Dozens of thousands of people took part in the education demonstrations that took place all around Greece. Tomorrow, student unions from the Polytechnic faculty will hold a rally outside the Working Unions' Association conference, demanding a call for a general strike. In Athens, an estimate of 20.000 people took part in today's education march. It has possibly been the biggest demonstration with people just from Athens.

In the march, apart from the massive student blocks, you could see a lot of workers and comrades from the movement of 90-91. A sprayed slogan written on the walls referred to the movement of 1979 which managed to revert the voted law 815.

The efforts for legal and medical support of the demonstrators was also interesting. Lawyers were scattered into all blocks, so as to prevent cops from malbehaving. Before the march, riot police forces and undercovered policemen temporarily detained some students who had been walking towards the march, without any reason or them carrying anything "suspicious". The cops were quite provocative towards the lawyers and the unionists who tried to prevent the detainments.
The struggle is carrying on during the assemblies of the following week. The battle is still against the Frame Law and the government.

In Koridalos Prison, Vassilis Stergiou is paying for his solidarity to the student movement, having been detained since the march of last Thursday 8th of March.