Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece


The government's terrorism won't stop us! regional solidarity marches in many cities (Patra, Yannena, Syros, Heraclio)

Announcement by the personnel of the Red Cross Hospital in Athens, Greece were the injured demonstrators appealed

Athens, 9th of March 2007

We denounce the unforeseen brutality and harshness of the police attacks against students, teachers, workers and youth during the protest march at 8th of March. The largest march of the last years, with more than 35,000 demonstrators participating, was ruined by the police and the government. The future scientists are shows as criminals, by the government and the media, in a country where it is known that the democratic rights were won by these very struggles of the students. This is how, those who force people to get on the streets, ask for abbetors within the common sense, in order to cover their crime.

While our Hospital was in duty, we were all witnesses of this tragic and bloody attack, as more than 30 injured people came along as urgent incidents, wounded on the neck and the head. The kind of the wounds and the severeness of the contusions they had had, proves that it has been a planned murdering attack against anyone who fights for their rights, for public and free education. People under medical treatment are still in Hospital, while seven wounded detainees were brought several hours later than they should have, in the early hours, and were moved back to the Police Headquarters in secrecy. We worry for the health state of these injured detainees. We worry for the suppression of every march. What will be the future of any reaction of ours for the lacks in the health system? should we expect a new walloping upon the uprising of the Hospitals?

We worry, we resist, we struggle. The struggle is not ending now. Against the violence of the power, we insist on pretend to our rights.

On the side of the student, the worker, every struggling person.

administrative committee of the Union of Employees in the RED CROSS hospital

Αnnouncement of the TV Technicians' Union
We denounce the manoevres of the government to ask the footage of the riots, using the Public Prosecutor. The government and the Public Prosecutor should know that the visual material from the riots is a property of the TV stations and royalty of the cameramen. The cameramen work only for providing information to the Greek People, recording the actual events as observers, and not as “puppets” of the Police and the Government. We won't consent on any mechanism of control and power, as they try to control our effort and support its social and political insufficiency. We request from all the TV station Managers not to commit such an action.

the committee of the TV technical personnel

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