Subcomandante Marcos, message for Greece


well apostles files are online again. I don't know what happened but i am getting bored of uploading again and again broken links . I am very close to deleting this blog 'cause i don't have the patience to do this all time. If a link has problem i'll try to upload again somewhere else or post an alternative link. Any suggestions ? I don't want to use rapidshare but it seems more stable than others. Also i'll add some new stuff once or twice a week. It depends from my mood. I use mozilla firefox to post so it is better to use this browser. If you have downloading problems use internet explorer.Any other problems or suggestions please leave a comment.
I enabled comment moderation for various reasons including comment spam. I check the blog everyday.
A little trick, if you don't want to wait to download from rapidshare disconnect from the internet, clean from the browser the cookies, wait a minute and connect again. Rapidshare see different IP than before and let you download immediately. I hope this little trick will help you. (Οf course some records i post here, i downloaded from soulseek, other i ripped them. So do not thank me. Better leave infos about the band or the record or anything else you want in music or politics)