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Red Beat

Red Beat were formed in 1979 and released their first single, Machines in Motion, on Malicious Damage. A punk band somewhere between punk , reggae and dub. Read here an interview in noclass fanzine.

Red Beat Discography
1)machines in motion - 12" E.P.
2)Manic Machine 7"
3)Manic Machine 12"
4)The Missing Album (features the first three singles plus Peel session plus a new previously unreleased track Shadow Boxing).

Red Beat also have a track on the CD Album
Wild Dub(Dread Meets Punk Rocker Downtown) released on the Select Cuts Label, Hamburg, Germany. Featuring artists like - Killing Joke ,Generation X ,The Slits ,The Pop Group ,The Clash ,Stiff Little Fingers ,The Ruts ,P.I.L. ,Vivien Goldman , and Grace Jones. If anyone has the cd reissue "The Missing Album" post it somewhere and send a message
Red Beat - 12" ep