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Family Fodder

Family Fodder was less a band than a never-ending collective of musicians messing with tapes in the basement of a London flat. Begun in 1979 by Alig Pearce, a label called Small Wonder released their first 7" when they still went by the name Te Deum. The band was led by odd splices of tape, dub effects, and Dominique Levillain's chanteuse vocals. Influenced by Syd Barrett, the Kinks, and This Heat, Pearce moved his compositions from psychedelics to drones to proto-electronic music full of cut-up location recordings. (source:amg). For more info check this and this

Family Fodder - monkey banana kitchen lp (1980)

Family Fodder - schizophrenia party ep

Family Fodder - singles, ep's
(contain big dish, coral, film music, playing golf, sunday girls ep)

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