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Deaf School

Deaf School was a late 1970s band from Liverpool. Their style was somewhere in between pub rock, punk and art rock. They disbanded after their third album. Their members carried on in music business. Singer Bette Bright went solo, Clive Langer became a producer, Steve Lindsey formed the band The Planets, Enrico Cadillac joined Ian Broudie (former member of Big in Japan) to form the Original Mirrors. (wikipedia) "They played a wild amalgam of cabaret and pop, a bridge between glam rock and new wave". Read and listen here and here. So you may think now, that deaf school maybe doesn't fit in a post punk, peace punk blog. Maybe it doesn't maybe it does but who cares... Deaf school was a great band

Deaf School - don't stop the world (2nd lp - 1977)
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