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Νormil Ηawaiians

From England.
"NORMIL HAWAIIANS is the name used by the FAMILY HAWAII for both live musical events and recording projects. The FAMILY HAWAII originally formed in 1978 and lived together in South London where they would spend days together, jamming and recording, with the occasional live event. Several singles were released through RED RHINO RECORDS in the late 70's and early 80's, and the band continued to play at odd events. By 1982 the NORMIL HAWAIIANS found themselves signed to ILLUMINATED RECORDS, who released two albums over the next couple of years.
By the winter of 1985 the FAMILY HAWAII had decided to move to the south coast of England. By now the family had grown to such an extent that they set up several homes along the Kent and Sussex coast as well as setting up a base in Spain."

Their sound is a mixture of post punk-psychedelia-folk and improvisations.Specially the 1st double lp "more wealth than money".
so here their complete discography :

normil hawaiians- still obedient + the beat goes on (7" singles-2 tracks missing)
download here

normil hawaiians-gala failed
download here

normil hawaiians-more wealth than money (double lp)
download here record 1
download here record 2

and the last lp
normil hawaiians-whats going on (1984)
notice 3rd track:Louise Michel - Her Defence Statement in Paris Commune Trials 1871
download here