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greek post punk scene of the 80's - a small presentation

yes another music(and not only) blog.Why? 'cause i am bored
why the blog isn't so "beautiful" like others ? Because i am really very bored to make it.
take these for start....

from the greek post punk scene of the middle '80s and the legendary label "creep records"
headleaders - what it means to me Lp
listen a song here

Stained Veil were a post punk band formed in thessaloniki in 1985. They released "livin on leavin" Lp in 1986 by smash records.
listen a song here
stained veil - Livin on leanin Lp

moist device - 7" single (80s post punk / funk band)

Visit moist device site
and download 2 more tracks

rehearsed dreams - repulsion lp
a post punk band, formed in 1985. The bassist of headleaders was member of the band (later was also member of yell o yell). Another creepy lp from creep records.
Listen a song here

South Of No North - Lacrimae Christi
a band influenced by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds mostly and joy division
See a video of the band here

from another blog 16-forever with greek post punk records.
Check it

Yell-O-Yell : Hell-O-Hell LP (1984)
their magor infuence was birthday party .Maybe one of the best greek post punk bands ever.
Listen a song here
download here

Villa 21 : A Ghost On The Move LP (1983)
ok hehehe the other "one of the best greek post punk bands".
Listen a song here
download here

Metro Decay : Υπέρβαση LP(1984)
band infuenced maybe by the cure but much better from this miserable band and i mean the cure.Yes that's right Metro Decay myspace unofficial
download here